When my son and I first started experimenting with a gluten free diet, I found breakfast to be the most challenging meal. We were already on the path to eating a healthy, whole food based diet, but were still stuck in some S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) habits—including starting the day off with grains accompanied by grains.  And why not? Grains (cereal, frozen bagels, waffles, pancakes, toast, etc) are quick, easy and wholesome—right? Well, I am no doctor or nutritionist, but let’s just say I only agree with the quick and easy part at this point in my life.


So with the uncertainty (and high cost) of the many available gluten free alternatives, I found us in a rut of bacon and eggs with potatoes, which I did manage to prepare in ways I had never even thought possible, out of pure desperation! But mama and child cannot live on bacon and eggs and potatoes alone, no matter how many different ways you whip them up, so I had to start thinking outside the egg carton. Here are some of our favorite, simple, celiac-safe breakfast foods:


-Fruit Kabobs

-PB&J Apple Sandies

-Avocado Veggie Wraps (corn tortillas are usually gluten free)

-Crustless mini quiches

-Super smoothies (or Super smoothie pops!)

-Quinoa or Amaranth w/ berries and cream

-Leftovers!  (you do not have to be in college to eat cold leftovers from the night before)


Does this mean we never ate pancakes or toast? Not at all, but in the beginning I did follow rule #1 to the letter: stick with what you know! And what I knew better than anything when were going gluten free was what my son liked sans grain, so I went with it until we both got bored. Only then did I start carefully experimenting with gluten free alternatives (don’t worry, I will share our tastiest finds soon)!

~Jenn Gizerian, The Locavore’s Lunchbox