Pure Sprouts goes gluten free!
You asked; we deliver!
But seriously, owner and operator of Pure Sprouts Organic Delivery, Lori Stansberry has identified a need surfacing in the Pure Sprouts community: people need help getting started with a gluten free diet and they want to see more gluten free products offered on the site. So Lori, feeling like gluten free living is a viable health option, but having little information on the subject, reached out to people within the Pure Sprout community– and we responded! Now a team of dedicated local bloggers will be at your disposal, providing recipes, product reviews, a guide to eating out in the Valley and much more gluten free goodness!
Now some tips from one of our bloggers to get you started:
1.  Go Natural– Fruits, veggies, meat, eggs and hummus are all naturally gluten free, and a great way to get started.
2. Find support– When you tell people that you are no longer eating gluten, you may hear “Well, what ARE you going to eat?” and that is where we (and many other websites, blogs and nutrition experts) come in. There is no need to reinvent the wheel– just find some resources you enjoy and take notes! Many people have already forged the way for eating a balanced, budget friendly gluten free diet.
3. Read the Label– One thing that surprises many people who are new to a gluten free diet is the many (sneaky) names there are for gluten, and the crazy things you can find gluten in, like shredded cheese, Twizzlers and spice mixes (again, not a definitive list, but we will post more on invisible ninja gluten, for sure)!