Kelly Cartledge: I am a proud stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) who loves to cook. The enthusiasm I have for adventurous (and healthy) eating is not always shared by those for whom I cook.  My nutritional challenges are cutting out high fructose corn syrup, excess sodium and easing digestive unrest.

I feed the following people:

A 5-year-old adventurous eater who has no preconceptions about food (other than those that her peers and older sister give her.)
A 14-year-old picky eater who is a salt junkie.
A husband straight out of the meat and potatoes school who will try whatever I put in front of him, but will revert to a picky teenager if he doesn’t like it.

Jenn Gizerian:  Hi there, I’m the single mama of one very hungry 6 year old boy and a self-described ‘locavore’. I have been enjoying the Pure Sprouts delivery service for the last few months, and I am excited to share my experience with sourcing and preparing gluten-free foods that everyone will enjoy!

I first delved into preparing the gluten free alternatives to traditional comfort foods after making friends with a co-worker who suffered with gluten sensitivity.  While researching recipes, I read about the rising popularity in going gluten free, and the various reasons why people make the change—including the effect gluten is said to have on children’s behavior.  Having an ‘active’ child, I decided to experiment with gluten free cooking— check out my recipes, brand preferences, favorite local spots and anecdotes starring my son (the Very Hungry Caterpillar ) and I (the Hippie Mama) here and at The Locavore’s Lunchbox blog or facebook page.

Sarah Marie: Hi all, I’m a 24 yr old graphic designer working in NYC & living in the good old lehigh valley! i guess i would consider myself the experimenter of the bunch. I don’t follow any strict diets, I just really enjoy food & cooking/baking. I love to try new things such as making gluten free, vegan/vegetarian, raw, paleo etc. dishes. So a lot of what I’ll be posting is recipes and products I’ve used. Enjoy!